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GSA Neutral - Gel Concentrated Articular 200ml - Aquasilice

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GSA Neutral - Gel Concentrated Articular 200ml - Aquasilice
This muscle gel surconcentre articular Aquasilice, is made of organic silicon, trace element essential for life.

Characteristics :

Made from organic silicon n, the trace element essential for life, "natural cement" that contributes to the maintenance of the envelope of your body: muscles,. skin, bones, nails, cartilage, hair.
Due to its analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory, it can recommend dES arthritis gout, sprains and aches say Myalgia.
Monomethylsilanetriol and Harpagophytum-based Neutral GSA is garanted paraben free, no PEG, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol and dye synthesis. 

Advice for use :

Apply two to three a day on concerned zones.

Composition :

Aqua, alcohol, potassium lactate silanetriol, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, hydroxyethyl, cellulose, caramel, yyl K100, harpagophytum procumbens extract, maltodextrin.
Guarantees: Paraben free, PEG free, propylene glycol free, synthetic dye free.

Made in France.