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Hyaluronic acid 130mg - Diet Horizon

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Hyaluronic acid 130mg - Diet Horizon
In order to minimise the effects of time, diet horizon has developed the hyaluronic acid 130mg, 30 tablets. 

Characteristics :
With hyaluronic acid from diet horizon, your skin is smoothed, plumped and wrinkles filled. A cellular anti-aging action by reducing of oxidative stress and slowdown of degradation of collagen.

Advice for use :
One tablet by day for 3 months. Cure to repeat if needed. For pregnant women and nursing, ask advice to your doctor. It’s recommenced to respect prescribed doses, to have a varied and healthy diet and way of life. Keep this product out of the reach of children. This product is not a medicine.

Composition :

-Hydrolysate of marine collagen : 350mg
-Hyaluronic acid : 145mg
-Vitamin C : 60mg
-Proline : 60mg
-Carnosine : 60mg