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Luxury dry brush - Wellfit

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Luxury dry brush - Wellfit
The luxury brush from Wellfit serve to eliminate cellulite, acne and reinforce immunity. This is a true health brush.

Characteristics :

It’s a natural practice which consist of scrubing a dry body with a brush. The Wellfit brush is specially made to brush a dry body.

It’s useful to :

-To stimulate bloodstream.
-To stimulate lymph (for a better immunity).
-To drain toxins (for a better decongestion of lymphatic system).
-To strengthen your immunity system.
-To exfoliate skin to remove dead cells.
-To prevent premature ageing.
-To favour regeneration cells.
-To ton muscles.
-To improve digestion.
-To remove cellulite.

Advice for use :

It’s recommended to practice a dry massage before your shower.

Composition :

Bristles: horsehair and aloe fibre
Wood : beech

Made in Germany