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Natural powder Vitamin C, 500g - Bioneo

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Natural powder Vitamin C, 500g - Bioneo
Ascorbic acid is not a medication but a food supplement which can betake every day.

Characteristics :

Having furthermore, an anxiolytic effect, it is indicated in the treatmentof schizophrenia. Vitamin C also deletes heavy metals, pesticides, pollutantsand facilitates long-term elimination in the urine. Vitamin C that we find infruits (acerola, kiwi, orange, lemon ...) and vegetables is Ascorbic acid. Whatis remarkable with Vitamin C, it’s even taking a high dose throughout the day,it’s without any danger. Pure Vitamin C has an acid taste but it doesn’t acidifythe body.
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Advices use :

The adult dose is from 5 to 10gr by day according to persons. So you must take one tablet by day.

Composition :

100% of pure Ascorbic Acid.