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Calming dummy 0 month natural rubber - Goldi

Calming dummy 0 month natural rubber - Goldi

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Calming dummy 0 month natural rubber - Goldi
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This dummy is made to touch the baby’s nose, and give him the same sense of security that during the breastfeeding.

Discover this soft and smooth dummy made completely of natural hevea rubber.

These hevea dummies are exceptional, not only for children, but also for the environment.

It can be matched with this dummy clip sold separately.

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Characteristics :

For the new-born, the suction reflexes and the suction need are innate and vitals. Without this behaviour, the new-born would not suffer of hunger and could die of it. Expect his nutrition, the suction calm and relax the new-born. For breastfeeding mother, the baby’s need to suck more than necessary to feed him, can be a constraint.

Composition :

The relaxing dummies ''Gold'' are composed of 100% of natural rubber, and are made without synthetic rubber. Rubber can be collected of two different ways : naturally from liquid (latex) flowing out of the tropical rubber tree, or synthetically from oil. The collect of natural rubber that GOLDI made, is ecologic and not aggressive because it’s done by hand. In addition, the natural rubber is a renewable raw material.

Made in Europe.
Customer reviews
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Tétine top !
Laetitia T.
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Ma fille adore depuis ses 6 mois :).
Diana D.
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Très déçu de mon achat il en veut même pas la tête va jusqu'au nez . Bref dommage . La forme était pas mal .
Caroline J.
Chaque bébé est différent et accepte ou non la tétine. Celle-ci est par ailleurs très bien vendue, nous supposons donc que la plupart des bebe l'adore. Il est normal que la tête va jusqu'au nez, ceci est pour donné l'impression au bébé d'être contre le sein de la maman.
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