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High-end hairbrush for child - Redecker

High-end hairbrush for child - Redecker

(Code: 721007)
High-end hairbrush for child - Redecker
10.50 €
For baby with thick hair from 1 year old.


For kids, we advise hairbrush with soft hair, because adult brush are most of the time too hard for the child’s gentle skin.

Characteristics :

Waxed beech timber, clear silks, flexibility, high-end. The Redecker brush factory builds in respect of a craft tradition its products.

The materials used :

-The body of brushes is made with natural and sustainable wood.
-The wood are sometimes raw, oiled or waxed but Redecker doesn’t use any varnish.
-The hairs of the brush are natural, the fibres used are : sisal, arenga, coco, goat hair.

Advice for use :

To use as much as possible …

Composition :

100% natural