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Natural ash rectangular brush - Tek

Natural ash rectangular brush - Tek

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Natural ash rectangular brush - Tek
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100% natural brush
Natural ash.

Beliflor has chosen the brushes and combs from Tek for their perfection never equalized on the market of hair accessory. Of incomparable quality, each brush, each comb is unique and made by hand in Italy.

Daily, our hair suffer a lot of aggressions : dyeing, brushing, smoothing, rain, hot, cold, hat, sea salt, shampoo, brushing with poor quality accessories … our hair suffocate, they are dull, we need to react !

the brushes and combs from Tek are a real caress of softness for you hair :
-Extremely resistant to moisture and sustainable over time
-Natural wood handle certified 100% FSC 
-Treated wood with flax oil
-Wood barbs treated with beeswax
-Natural dyeing

The brushes Tek are strong of 6 main properties :
-Massage the scalp thanks to its rounded wood barbs mounted on a particular soft and pneumatic rubber
-Stimulating the blood circulation
-Strengthen hair bulb
-Regulating excess of sebum and rid the hair of impurities

Don't hesitate any longer, and take care of your hair with theses brushes and combs

Made in Italy