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Natural Vitamin C, 120 tablets - Bioneo

Natural Vitamin C, 120 tablets - Bioneo

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Natural Vitamin C, 120 tablets - Bioneo
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Ascorbic acid is not a medication but a food supplement which can betake every day.

Characteristics :

Having furthermore, an anxiolytic effect, it is indicated in the treatmentof schizophrenia. Vitamin C also deletes heavy metals, pesticides, pollutantsand facilitates long-term elimination in the urine. Vitamin C that we find infruits (acerola, kiwi, orange, lemon ...) and vegetables is Ascorbic acid. Whatis remarkable with Vitamin C, it’s even taking a high dose throughout the day,it’s without any danger. Pure Vitamin C has an acid taste but it doesn’t acidifythe body.
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Advices use :

The adult dose is from 5 to 10gr by day according to persons. You musttake the daily dose divided in 3 times throughout the day. On the morning, justafter breakfast, after lunch, and before going to bed. To mix witha half of teaspoon of baking soda for one teaspoon of Vitamin C.

Composition :

100% of pure Ascorbic Acid.