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Pencil sharpener - Avril

Pencil sharpener - Avril

(Code: 329005)
Pencil sharpener - Avril
1.50 €
Indispensable tool to give a new lease of life to your make-up pencils! This sharpener has 2 holes for the different pencil sizes: jumbo or just regular kohl, it works for both!


-2 different diameters : 8 and 12 milimetres
-Shavings are stored in the body of the sharpener
-Washable blade included under the lid


Regularly, use Avril pencil sharpener for your pencils in order to get an accurate result. Don’t forget to clean the catcher. You can wash it easily with soap and water. Little tip: use an old toothbrush to overcome the pencil remains!

Made in China