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Physiologic ended dummy 0-3 months natural rubber - HEVEA

Physiologic ended dummy 0-3 months natural rubber - HEVEA

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Physiologic ended dummy 0-3 months natural rubber - HEVEA
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Discover these soft and flexible dummies composed of 100% natural hevea rubber.

These hevea dummies are exceptional, not only for children, but also for the environment.

It can be matched with this dummy clip sold separately.

Find here our advices to choose your baby’s dummy

characteristics :

why choose a hevea dummy ?
-From 100% natural hevea rubber (latex)
-Sustainable production
-Flexible and soft for baby's face
-Does not leave marks on skin
-Ergonomic design, leaving free nose and chin
-Natural gum avoids the vacuum around the mouth, which decrease the risk of mark and irritation
-They are really hygienic, no seals, angles or slots, they are made of a single piece
-Hevea dummies are modern dummies with a Danish design made from 100% rubber

Advice for use :

Their look with cute and fun motifs, are as appreciated by boys as by girls.
The packaging is made of recycled paper and biodegradable materials.
They exist in several sizes : (0-3 month, 4-11 month, 12 month and more) it’s really important to choose an appropriate dummies with the age of your children.
The dummies from HEVEA sold on this website comply with the European standard EN 1400
Physiologic dummies last as long as usual other ones (it’s recommended to change of dummy every two months. Don’t sterilise them, clean them up with hot water, and a bit of organic soap. Rinse abundantly !)

Composition :

From 100% natural hevea rubber (latex).
They differ from all usual other ones by its sustainable production model. 
HEVEA gives us the opportunity to give to our children the best, while taking care of the environment.
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