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Swift hair mascara blond - Sanotint

Swift hair mascara blond - Sanotint

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Swift hair mascara blond - Sanotint
8.00 €
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For a perfect last-minute touch-ups.


Natural product :  

-For all kind of hair
-To cover root in a second
-Allowing to play with colours
-It is eliminated at the first shampoo
-Easy to use
-With natural extracts of golden millet

Composition from 6 plants :

-  Panicum miliaceum seed extract
-  Plantago major extract
-  Chamomilla recutita flower extract
-  Sambucus nigra flower extract
-  Hypericum perforatum flower/leaf/stem extract
-  Galega officinalis extract

More about the product :

-Oxidant free
-Ammonia free
-Phenylenediamine free
-Synthetic scent free
-Resorcinol free
-heavy metals free