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Wooden hair brush - Avril

Wooden hair brush - Avril

(Code: 755B)
Wooden hair brush - Avril
8.50 €
Sweet hair begins by a daily brushing properly done! Avril wooden hair brush is ideal for that mission!


-High quality
-Teeth soft that massages your scalp
-In bamboo, the archetypal ecological material
-In natural caoutchouc
-Dimensions : 20 cm x 5.5 x 3.5cm (thickness)


How to well brush our hair? Some small advice of common sense:

- If you have long hair, begin through the bottom of the hair and go back up little by little to avoid creating knots.
- If you feel a resistance, do not pull. Take time to disentangle the knot slowly by means of a comb, especially if your hair are wet.
- If you have an important mass of hair, share your hair in 3 zones before beginning the brushing.
- When there are not knots anymore in your hair, you can brush the scalp: it's perfect to activate the blood circulation. It allows to feed correctly hair so that they are strong, soft and diamonds!


In bamboo and natural caoutchouc

Made in China